Tools, Systems, & AI for Scaling Your Business with Confidence, Clarity, and Ease

Unlocking the power Frameworks, Tech, and Automations reserved for large companies for SMEs to propel your company’s growth. 


Helping you to Gain Clarity, Implement Systems, and Achieve Freedom.

jp adams neurodivergent coaching

I understand the challenges you’re facing and I’m here to help you break free from conventional thinking and unlock your full potential. I believe in designing your life with intention, personalized around your unique strengths and desires.

— JP Adams

Two Different Options, Two Levels Of Engagement

Not everyone wants to jump in head-first without testing the water. That’s why we have two options for businesses:

Innovation Accelerator

Discord Community & Workshops
✔ Leverage our deep expertise in the form of a community of business owners and entrepreneurs of various experience levels. ✔ Get access to a trove of activities, documentation, and guides to help you each and every step of the way. ✔ Attend workshops and watch recorded webinars to hone your skills and knowledge.

Operation Divtopia

One-on-One Program

Everything in Innovation Accelorator +

✔ Work with JP one-on-one to get your processes operating sustainabily

✔ Product coaching and systems training for your team

✔ Consolidate software subscriptions and improve your baseline revenue without cutting into productivity

Tips, Advice, Guides, and More for Improving Productivity

What industry leaders, clients, and team members are saying…

When I speak with JP, he has the ability to quickly focus on what matters, guide me to generate insights into my business, and helps me translate what I’m thinking into real actions.

Nathan Hursh

International Strategy, Helmerich & Payne

Working with JP was some of the best times I have had in my career thus far. He has the uncanny ability to pull ideas out of your mind and get them on paper, all while organizing and prioritizing things you didn’t even know yourself! (Its really some Jedi trick!) All joking aside JP was a great mentor!
Kyle McIntire

Product Manager, H&P Technologies

JP enjoys and successfully coaches the team to achieve not only organizational goals but personal goals. He is, by far, the best manager I have ever worked with and the leader who I have learned the most from and the leader I want to become one day.
Jun Caslen

Delivery Manager, iTexico

Tech Stack Overwhelm

Many businesses struggle with keeping up with the latest and greatest software applications. Divtopia makes it easy by assisting you to build best practices that work within your company, not trying to fit your company to suit a template.

Design Your Business With Intention

With Divtopia, you can design your business with intention.

We’ll work together to clarify your values and goals, creating a custom plan to achieve them. 

Feel In Control Of Your Business

Divtopia will help you get back that peace of mind in business. Feel confident knowing you have things under control. Be able to see everything going on in your business down to the smallest detail. 

Everything is possible.

Has your company reached a glass ceiling? JP Adams utilities the most effective strategies you wish you knew about years ago to get you past it.


Divtopia Will Help You Stay On Track Through The Whole Program


Learn Effective Communication Techniques


Embrace Your Business’ Individuality and Flexibility